Club Championship

Club Championship

During the season, the section traditionally organizes a number of training competitions. After counting the points, the club champions are crowned among men and women. Participation in the KM-series is included in the membership fee. No pre-registration required, just show up. An exception is Fyristrippeln where prior registration is required. Separate information about the registration will be on our social media.

The winner in each class gets 10 points, the second gets 7 points, the third 6 points, etc., the others who participate get 2 points. For encouragement to participate, those who participate but break for various reasons 1 point in the KM series. The triathlon competitions give double points. All competitions are added together. 

NOTE: participation in at least five competitions is required to become a club champion!


Partial competitions in 2023

April 20 at 19.00 Gathering place: Fyrishov.

May 6 at 19.00. Gathering place: Björklingebadet.

May 16 at 19.00. Gathering place: More info later on Facebook.

May 24, at 19.00. Gathering place: Björklingebadet.

May 29 at 19.00. Gathering place: Björklingebadet.

June 6. Gathering place: Björklingebadet.

June 17. Gathering place: Björklingebadet.

September 9 at 10.00. Gathering at the Studenternas at 09.00.

September 16 at 10.00. Gathering place: Lövstalöt. kl. 10.00. Gathering place: Lövstalöt.

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