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Welcome to our Triathlon club

IK Fyris Uppsala Triathlon 

We are the oldest Triathlon Club in Sweden, established 1983. Located in the center of Uppsala, Sweden.

Everone are welcomed to this club, both beginners and more experienced triathletes. We are therefore pleased that you have found us here. 

Please subscribe to our e-mail group, (see below how to subscribe and unsubscribe). Just to let you know that 99 % of the time the info is in swedish but feel free to ask anyone about the info so you do not miss out on training and events.

Facebook is otherwise a great place for information and communication: IK Fyris Uppsala Triathlon - is our group there. You can find the most updated info about events, dates for training etc there. You can also communicate direkt with our board by Facebook messenger. 



We meet up for training a few times a week and the schedule varies over the year. For example:


We swim indoors at Fyrishov during the fall and spring semester: September to the beginning of December. January to the beginning of June. We have a limited amount of space so before the semester starts, everone who are interested to swim with us need to apply for an entry and pay the swimming fee. It is necessary to know how to swim both freestyle and breast-, and backstroke swimming style since we do not teach swimming. We follow a programme though. 

If you are intereseted to swim indoors with us during THIS FALL OF 2020 please contact the board by e-mail (This is a mailto link) or facebook. The swimming cost 600 kr/term. Find out more about the swimming; times, dates costs etc. here (in swedish though). 

During the summer we meet up at Björklinge Badet which is in Björklinge, about 20 km north of Uppsala. Fixed times will be announced through Facebook or our e-mail list. Please feel free to contact our members to set up your own swimming out there or in another lake in Uppsala.


When the outdoor weather is nice (app. April to October) we use our road bikes and go out for 2-3 hours on saturday mornings at 9.00 a.m. Meeting point: Nelins grocery store. Keep yourself updated via Facebook though for change of plans.

Sometimes we have road bike intervalls or brick sessions (bike-run-bike-run) at Polacksbacken - "the S1 lap". This mostly depends on the act of our members themselves right now since we do not have a fixed schedule for it. 

During the late fall and winter semester we change our road bikes to mountan bikes and meet up on saturdays at 9.00 a.m. and bike for 2-3 h depending on the mood of the people coming. 


During the winter we run indoors at IFU Arena in Gränby/Nyby once a week. An entrance fee most be payed, keep yourself updated with how or please contact IFU Arena for information. 

During the spring and fall we meet up outdoors once a week or you are welcomed to join Uppsala Löparklubb to join their intervall sessions on tuesdays and thursdays. 

During the summer we usually do not have a fixed time and place but please feel free to contact other members for a running date. 


During the summer we offer a few times, wednesday evenings at 19.00, for an arranged sprint triathlon out at Björklinge Badet. We offer someone who guard the bikes and who goes though the triathlon course, but it is a most inofficial event. If you do not want to do the full triathlon you are welcomed to join any part of the course since it is a training session and not a competition. 


E -mail group:

To subscribe: fill in this form , as soon as possible the board will verify your request and you will get back an email with a short information about the e-mail group.

To send e-mails to the other members:
Send your e-mail with your information to: This is a mailto link

To Unsubscribe:
At the end of every e-mail there is information how you can unsubscribe from the list. Please follow the instructions from there.



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